九九贵宾会网_老外怎么看半决赛SKT vs G2:沧海桑田,时过境迁

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九九贵宾会网_老外怎么看半决赛SKT vs G2:沧海桑田,时过境迁

九九贵宾会网,skt 0-1 g2

these teams are good. really fucking good. we are in for a series.——completely different style from the other semi——a fucking brawl in the face vs 400iq game——chess vs chinese checkers——this would make theshy and jackeylove the chinese facecheckers这两支队伍太强,太tm强,观众有福了——和昨天的那场简直是大相径庭——干架肉搏 vs 智商取胜——国际象棋 vs 中国跳棋——也就是说theshy和jackeylove跳到了对面脸上

so this is how it looks when two best teams in world get to play each otherwhat a close game所以这就是两支世界赛最好的两支队伍强强对话的情况吗真的很接近

skt outmacroed and outteamfought, where is your god now?skt宏观没有团战不行,你们的上帝哪儿去了?

well g2 3-1 pack it upg2 3-1 准备好了

skt 1-1 g2

dj vu anyone, lmao?大家有没有似曾相识的感觉呀

this series is bad for my health——anxiety levels in europe and korea at an all time high这次番战对我的健康不利——欧洲和韩国的焦虑症患者急速上升中

teddy's yasuo is so good wtf and clid is a beast.——clid teddy and khan were immaculate. amazing game and adjustment to the ryzeteddy的亚索太强了我的天啊,clid也如同一头猛兽一样——clid、teddy和khan打得太完美了,这比赛真的不可思议,再次面对瑞兹时也调节得超好。

that's why i dislike perkz dating dl. he kept flash 2 times——it was the deal faker made with dl. he planned all of this at msi when he called out dl. truly the goat.这就是为什么我不想让perkz和dl约会的原因,他两次都扣闪了。——其实这是faker和dl的约定,他在msi叫dl出来的时候就盘算好一切了,计划通

teddy on yasuo while perkz on ezreal. what a timeline we have right now.拿亚索的是teddy,拿伊泽瑞尔的是perkz,我们现在是活在哪个时空?

at the jungle fight where they picked up perkz, not many will notice effort flashed in to ward the brush and give teddy vision to ult. monstruous teamplay.那次他们抓到perkz的野区团战,没多少人注意到effort闪现往草里放眼以便teddy能有视野接上r,这团队协作太可怕了

whoever wins the next game will win the seriessource: leaked riot scripts


skt 1-2 g2

my heart——omg wtf is this series, i think i m gonna die——i think i already did我的心脏——我的天这bo5,感觉我都要死了——我觉得我已经死了

bring mata on——both faker and effort are underperforming. teddy and khan trying their hardest.换上mata!——faker和effort表现得都不尽人意,teddy和khan尽力了

camille true damage skin when?——jesus that q2 during the last teamfight on effort was dirty.卡密尔什么时候出真实伤害系列皮肤?——我的天那个打在蕾欧娜身上的q2简直让人不忍直视

skt 1-3 g2

faker, what was that?!?

——look at the int

look at the throws

faker what was that?

——what a shame, he was looking in great form in groups

——did you see his hands shaking. that shit was tough to watch.

——made me so sad :(







——让我太难过了 :(

3-1, all according to the script.

——riot lost rights to silver scrapes confirmed

——ok, this is my favourite theory up to now.

——it all makes sense now!


——拳头不再拥有silver scrapes的版权实锤了



(silver scrapes,bo5决胜局前局间休息必备bgm)

——who wrote this script?!?!


——fuck, that means they are going to rush and screw up the final part next week...




never would i think g2 wins by repeatedly outplaying skt from behind

——they beat skt with early-mid game plays at msi. skt adapts and gets better at playing early-mid. g2 beats them in teamfights at worlds. incredible showing from g2.



faker's hand shaking in the player cam sums up this series pretty well.

it's crazy how good g2 is. they haven't lost a single bo5 with this roster yet.



could this be the least amount of barons taken in a series while still winning? never seen a team only get 1 baron while still winning a series

——literally just kept trading baron for lane pressure, super weird but it seemed to work



baby caps definitely doing some negative gaming this series

——2 good memes

baby caps这次番战肯定是消极比赛了


when you can leave qiyana open because your opponent is faker in 2019


"guys skt got baron we win game now"

——remember the seasons where skt just went even for 30 minutes, won a fight, get baron and end with that baron push?

how the times have changed




what faker is doing is reportable

——not negative gaming, just normal summoner's rift experience



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